Social Program & Photos

Ok, so this is the deal:

THURSDAY 17th at 18.00 : warm-up gathering for those of you who want to mingle with the Amsterdammers, at Louie Louie,  Linnaeusstraat 11A, 1093 EC Amsterdam.

You are welcome to join! However, drinks and food will be at your own expenses.

FRIDAY 18TH at 18.00: Dutch ‘borrel’ (drinks plus cold and warm snacks) at our expenses. At Spargo, Linnaeusstraat 37A, 1093 EG Amsterdam.

You are welcome to join! We will go there after closing the symposium.


Dinner Suggestions:

Amsterdam offers lots of interesting options. Here just a few, for your dinners in the city:

  • Indonesian restaurant downtown: Kantjil & de Tijger (indonesian food is considered Dutch heritage. If you order a rijsttafel they will provide a selection of dishes)
  • North Africa and Middle East cuisine: Bazar (good prices, amazing location in a former synagogue)
  • Dutch cuisine: Vijffvlieghen (it actually means 5 flies, but it is a quite fancy restaurant!)

For “liquid food” we suggest the local brewery Brouwerij het IJ, which is inside a real windmill! (unfortunately it closes at 20.00!)



Setting up the Symposium Scene…


The plenary room:


The excellent poster session: