Program and Books of Abstracts

The program for the symposium is now available.


Poster presentations:

POSTER SESSION 1     (11.00-11.30)

  1. Bondarenko, I. – Time domain matrix modeling in cognitive linguistic research.
  2. Calzavarini, F. Garbarini, M. Diano, & D. Marconi – Lexical semantic competence and visual imagery.
  3. Dreyer, R. & F. Pulvermüller – Love vs. Logic: fMRI dissociations between emotional and non-emotional abstract nouns in leftmotor areas during passive reading.
  4. Franzon, F., S. Benavides-Varela, R. Lorusso, & C. Zanini – Different degrees of abstraction from visual cues in processing concrete nouns.
  5. Frassinelli, A. Abrosimova, S. Springorum, E. Kiangia, & S. Schulte im Walde – Spatial meaning shifts in German particle verbs with “auf” and “an”.


POSTER SESSION 2    (13.00-14.00)

  1. Homan, M. & P. Sommerauer – Detecting implicit stereotype bias in natural language.
  2. Hustinx, L. & W. Spooren – How to determine the determinants of abstractness and concreteness?
  3. Jelec, A. – Are abstract concepts rooted in bodily mimesis?
  4. van Lent, L., M. Janssen, L. de Jong, M. Kuiper, J. van de Laar, C. Swagten, & E. Das – When epidemics become real: An LCM-based analysis of tweets about ebola.
  5. Liu, P., L. Connell, & D. Lynott – Metaphoric concepts’ representations are both linguistic and simulated.
  6. Mazzuca, C., & A. Borghi – Abstract concepts and the activation of the hand and mouth effectors.
  7. Melnyk, L. – Prototype-based categorization of abstract concepts.
  8. Mills, G. & G. Redeker – Making invisible “trouble” visible: Self-repair increases abstraction in dialogue.
  9. Murphy, E. – Acceptability properties of abstract senses in copredication.
  10. Panunzi, A. – Metaphor in action: Action verbs and abstract meaning.
  11. Pollock, L. – The concreteness effect disappears under conditionsthat should maximise it.
  12. Rosenberg, M. – Abstract concepts in development: Spontaneous production of novel word-formation in Swedish child language.


POSTER SESSION 3    (15.30-16.00)

  1. Rotaru, A.S., & G. Vigliocco – Imageability, concreteness, and semantic network structure.
  2. Scerrati, E., L. Lugli, A. Borghi, R. Nicoletti – A study on abstract concepts with the extrinsic Simon task.
  3. Schulte im Walde, S. & M. Köper – The role of ambiguity and abstractness in multi-modal models of German noun compounds and particle verbs.
  4. Springorum, S. & S. Schulte im Walde – Contextual abstraction of particle meaning in German particle verbs.
  5. Tong, Y. & A. Cienki – How limits can be pushed: Action, metaphor and gesture.
  6. Zacharias, S. – The development of abstract scientific concepts in a naturalistic classroom setting.


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