18th November 2016, Amsterdam, NL.

On which dimensions of meaning do abstract and concrete concepts differ?

How does perceptual experience affect abstract concept processing and representation?

What is the role of language in shaping and indexing the content of concrete vs abstract concepts?

How and in which contexts are abstract concepts understood through metaphors?

Abstract concepts are a controversial and widely debated topic, within the theoretical discussion about the embodied vs symbolic nature of language and meaning.

The aim of this academic event is to bring together current views about the structure, processing, and modeling of abstract concepts.

The event is organized by the COGVIM team (COGVIM: Cognitive Grounding of Visual Metaphor, EU Marie Curie IEF, awarded to Dr Marianna Bolognesi – n° 629076), embedded in the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam, and sponsored by ABC Amsterdam Brain and Cognition, Network Institute, and KNAW Dutch Royal Academy of Science.

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Marianna Bolognesi
Prof. Gerard Steen
Gudrun Reijnierse
Laura Aina (local support)
Jerrod Maddio (local support)

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